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Teach-Ology Website

Media Presentation


Link to my media presentation! Enjoy!

Elevator Proposals

Mid-Term Proposal of Online Presence

Elevator Pitch One: Teach-Ology. Connecting the teacher to the technology for their entire classroom needs.

Elevator Pitch Paragraph: Teach-Ology is an up and coming website devoted to helping teachers integrate technology into their everyday lesson plans. It takes the most modern technology and shows how teachers how to best use it in their classroom. Teacher’s can learn to integrate the technology to best meet their students needs. There is also a forum section where teachers can share their lesson plans with each other by technology!

Elevator Pitch Two:  Ask a Teacher! A website about education, for those not in education.

Elevator Pitch Paragraph:  Ask a Teacher! Is a website for people in the non-educational world, to ask questions to those who are. If a parent has a question about math, or science, or educational or special ed laws, they could post to the appropriate forum, and receive answers by teachers who are experts in their field.  Parents can look up and ask teachers in a particular region about the education there, and gain more knowledge about what their students should be learning.

Use of Technology in the Classroom

Use of Technology in the Classroom.

Updated Resume


Here’s my updated resume! Thanks for the suggestions guys, they really helped clean it up!


Niche Topic

I’m hoping to get some feedback for my niche. There are two ways in which I can go. I would like to either delve into the topic of the very tight network security within public school walls, which Steve mentioned in a comment, or try on how technology is being misused, if used at all within the classroom. I’m afraid there will not be enough information for the first one because there is only so much a teacher, or school district can do because of state regulations as to what network security needs to be. With the second, I have first-hand experience dealing with many different kinds of technology within my own classroom, but have witnessed the lack there of in others or the blatant resistance to learn something new to help the students. This might also be the more controversial of the topics because of teacher’s righteous indignation that they feel they don’t need to learn technology in order to help their students because they’ve been doing it the same way for years. That might strike a chord with some, but I doubt any of them, read blogs.

I’m back!

I’m back after a short hiatus due to final exams and the end of the school year! I shall be posting my work very soon! Thanks everybody!

Mills Volleyball comes back from 7-seed to win State Champ!

I”m so proud of my school!!!! They deserve this!


Steve I commented on your blog! I was wondering, how do you do those pingbacks?

Jon I commented on your blog!


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