Public Persona’s PT 2

After reading some of the other people’s blogs about public persona’s I realized just how important it really is no matter what line of work you are in.  This comment off Jon’s blog was really eye opening.

“Media convergence has made this possible and allows ordinary people with an Internet connection to display their own masterpieces.”

He referenced Beinger, which we read in ICM 501. I really feel like this is very important to the public persona of today. No matter whether you want one or not, you are most likely going to have a persona because of the internet.  Specifically related to teachers, there are a number of sites that deal with the students perception of the teacher. Sites like Rate My Teacher, or Rate My Professors are becoming more and more popular with students. They can grade their teachers based on “Easiness”, “Helpfulness”, “Clarity”, and “Popularity.”  In college, we would make our schedules around what professors we heard were easy, or fun, or which professors had a talent for making students cry. This was mostly spread by word of mouth, you heard it from your friends, or someone who knew someone who had that teacher, but now it is readily accessible online for everyone to see.

I could see how this could cause an issue with future employers. Say a teacher is moving school districts, her possible future district could look her up on Rate My Teachers, or Facebook, and already know what students think of her, and have a image of her that might be incorrect, or totally off base. Employers are becoming more and more internet savvy as they find ways to research their future employees before hiring. Do they have a Facebook, a blog, a Linkin? What is there online presence? Some employers, like school districts don’t want you to have any online presence whatsoever, so that they can avoid lawsuits, or possible meetings with parents, or situations that might lead to being uncomfortable in the administrations point of view.

Overall, I think it is up to us to manage our own pubic persona’s. We should keep an eye out for what is happening under our names online. Teachers can request to have their names taken off the Rate My Teacher’s website, you can beef up the security on Facebook so that not even the Marine’s could find you, and you can Google Search yourself every once in a while to see that comes up, and then maybe do something about it if you don’t like it. It is our responsibility to keep up with the times and monitor our own online presence.

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