Niche Topic

I’m hoping to get some feedback for my niche. There are two ways in which I can go. I would like to either delve into the topic of the very tight network security within public school walls, which Steve mentioned in a comment, or try on how technology is being misused, if used at all within the classroom. I’m afraid there will not be enough information for the first one because there is only so much a teacher, or school district can do because of state regulations as to what network security needs to be. With the second, I have first-hand experience dealing with many different kinds of technology within my own classroom, but have witnessed the lack there of in others or the blatant resistance to learn something new to help the students. This might also be the more controversial of the topics because of teacher’s righteous indignation that they feel they don’t need to learn technology in order to help their students because they’ve been doing it the same way for years. That might strike a chord with some, but I doubt any of them, read blogs.

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