Elevator Proposals

Mid-Term Proposal of Online Presence

Elevator Pitch One: Teach-Ology. Connecting the teacher to the technology for their entire classroom needs.

Elevator Pitch Paragraph: Teach-Ology is an up and coming website devoted to helping teachers integrate technology into their everyday lesson plans. It takes the most modern technology and shows how teachers how to best use it in their classroom. Teacher’s can learn to integrate the technology to best meet their students needs. There is also a forum section where teachers can share their lesson plans with each other by technology!

Elevator Pitch Two:  Ask a Teacher! A website about education, for those not in education.

Elevator Pitch Paragraph:  Ask a Teacher! Is a website for people in the non-educational world, to ask questions to those who are. If a parent has a question about math, or science, or educational or special ed laws, they could post to the appropriate forum, and receive answers by teachers who are experts in their field.  Parents can look up and ask teachers in a particular region about the education there, and gain more knowledge about what their students should be learning.

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